Sylvie HÉTU

The Massage In Schools Programme (MISP), as presented in this book, is the co-creation of the authors and founders of the programme, Mia Elmsäter and Sylvie Hétu. Under the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), both have been Instructors since the 1980s, and Instructor Trainers since 1989 (Hétu) and 1990 (Elmsäter).

As members of the Education Committee of IAIM, they educate Instructors and train Trainers globally. Together and independently they have created films and various programmes to support parent educators, teachers, and older children, as well as parents and babies.

Stemming from their pioneering work with infant massage in their respective countries, (Elmsäter in Sweden and Hétu in Canada), there were extended requests for adapting this programme for various ages and situations. There were invitations to teach toddler groups, massage in day-care centres, pre-schools, schools, and in nursing homes, as well as to give lectures and workshops to teachers in conferences, colleges, and universities.

With the founders’ combined passion, vast experience, and training in education, including Steiner, Montessori, and mainstream approaches, a very solid foundation of expertise and experience underpins the programme. The Massage in Schools Programme, which began in the UK in 2000, is now being implemented on six continents.

Both Mia and Sylvie have three children.