Massage in Schools Programme

The programme, is now present (on the date of writing, mid-January 2010) in some twenty countries/territories on every continent. It is a child to child massage for children 4-12 year old. Instructors implement into schools or community centres, courses available for parent as well. Please visit our website to find an instructor in your region, or to join our two days intensive course to become a qualified instructor.

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Working Together with Consensus

Available for any organization/association/company members wanting to learn the principles of true consensus work and the revolutionary structural aspects that lie behind it. One day or two days workshops. Includes a very comprehensive workbook.

International Implementing

A programme designed for any person, business, or organization wishing to expand internationally. Includes the cultural dimension, thus fostering the successful unfolding of new initiatives abroad.

One day course including a workbook with detailed information. The course can be designed specifically for your needs.